SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME – The TV-to-PC Router

The television is present in the majority of houses all over the world – and with good reason. It allows people to entertain themselves by providing access to channels, such as Time Warner cable channels, that are hosted by several media providers.

This gives people the luxury of choosing the channels that they want and ultimately, the shows that they want. The problem is that while the television may seem to be a great invention, it still has its disadvantages. The main disadvantage of owning a television set is its bulky size; it is in fact the main reason that people are not likely to move the TVs all around the house, or bring it to areas where space is rather limited. For this reason, it is best to have a TV tuner that could transmit the signal of the television onto other devices. The SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME is an example of a TV tuner. In this review, we will tackle its features, pros, cons, customer feedback, and insights on whether or not this product is good to buy.

 SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME   The TV to PC Router

SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME

Features and Specifications

 The official dimensions of the SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME are measured at 4 by 7 by 1 inches with a weight of 1.5 pounds. As a TV tuner, this device connects to computers and devices via Ethernet connection. Devices would be able to access the TV tuner so long as they are connected to the same router.

Users are then able to watch or record TV programs as they please. The HDHomeRun PRIME is capable of running CableCARD access, thus enabling its users to view premium channels on their devices. Users are able to gain access to this feature by inserting an M-card CableCARD into the appropriate slot.

amz2 300x300 SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME   The TV to PC Router

The HDHomeRun PRIME is compatible for use with multiple devices including computers, Xbox 360, and the iPad 2. Note that each device requires a different application to utilize the TV tuner. Computers require the Windows Media Center, Xbox 360 is able to act as a Media Center extender, and the iPad 2 requires the InstaTV 2.0 App or the HDHomeRun App. The TV tuner is also fully compatible with DVR applications.

Channels that are accessed only via the DVR system can be viewed and recorded on any device using this TV tuner. Such is the case with Time Warner cable channels. Finally, this TV tuner can be used simultaneously with other HDHomeRun devices thereby increasing the number of tuners in the home network.

Pros and Cons of the Device

The advantages of this device can be clearly seen from its features. However, it is important that they be pointed out for a much clearer comparison, and to help you decide whether this tuner is ideal for you.

amz3 300x168 SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME   The TV to PC Router

The main advantage of this device is that it streams the channels without compromising both quality and speed.

Another advantage of this TV tuner is its capability to record channels on DVR systems and on CableCARDs like Time Warner cable channels. The shows that are recorded in this manner can then be viewed by people at a later date or by people who have no access to these channels.

Yet another good thing about this TV tuner over other TV tuners is its capability to connect to other devices with the same brand. This effectively allows more computers and/or devices to watch the same shows simultaneously.

Lastly, this TV tuner is compatible with multiple devices especially with the iPad. The iPad has become the tablet of choice for many people further highlighting its usefulness.

This product TV tuner is far from perfect though. Despite the many advantages, this product has its share of drawbacks. The cons of the HDHomeRun PRIME lie in its dependency on the use of a router to transmit signals from the television set to the computer and other devices. When the router has a slow internet connection, the TV tuner will be unable to transmit signals at an appreciable rate thus rendering it useless. People may check the speed of their connection by visiting the website of Time Warner Cable speed test. The TV tuner should instead emit its own wireless connection so that users will be able to stream their shows even when there is a slow internet connection.

This tuner is also quite “selective” when it comes to computer systems. Some Mac OS computers are unsupported by this TV tuner. However, it is worth pointing out that there are other Apple devices running the iOS operating system that are supported by this TV tuner.

Feedback from Customers

amz4 300x144 SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME   The TV to PC Router

Many customers have expressed their satisfaction with HDHomeRun PRIME; there is quite a number of feedbacks from satisfied customers. Many customers cited the usefulness of this product as a TV tuner saying that it helps them stay tuned to their favourite shows even when they are at different areas of the house. Other customers have praised the recording capability of the TV tuner saying that it helps to relive great episodes as well as useful when performing DIY jobs. Most of the feedbacks circulate around these two aspects. However, there are some feedbacks that, while still maintaining their positive tone, talk about the difficulty of setting up and getting the device to run for the first time.


The HDHomeRun PRIME will definitely get every person’s money’s worth. Its pros significantly outweighs its cons and its features are some of the best that can be seen on the current TV tuners. The extra features on the HDHomeRun PRIME are simply icing on top of the cake.  Owners will have no problem viewing channel guides such as Time Warner Cable channel guide on their computers and other devices. Cable channels, such as the Time Warner cable channels, that are found on premium cable connections can be watched and downloaded on any device without any problem. This is definitely the device to look out for when planning to purchase a TV tuner. Not only is it very useful, it will also put more entertainment into the lives of its users.

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